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Hiring an efficient, reliable Phoenix moving company helps ensure your move goes smoothly. Hire the wrong one, though, and you could end up with broken items, lost boxes, delayed trucks and more. Quality Phoenix Arizona movers are out there, but it may take a little searching to find the right one for you.

Phoenix Arizona is home to dozens of moving companies, many of them excellent and a few of them not so excellent. By knowing what to look for in a moving company, you can find a great moving service and avoid potential disasters.

Look for movers who specialize in either residential or office moving, depending on your needs. This is particularly important if you're hiring the movers to pack your belongings in addition to moving them. Specialized office movers know how to pack and transport fragile office equipment like computers and printers as well as awkward items like filing cabinets. Residential movers on the other hand, are skilled at moving household appliances and large items of furniture like sofas and mattresses. Keep in mind, that larger Phoenix area movers may have trained crews for both residential and commercial moving services.

If you're not concerned about professionalism, you may as well hire a couple of local college kids to help you move. Of course, then you'd also risk winding up with damaged furniture, broken appliances, lost items, delays, and other headaches. Sticking with the professionals prevents that.

A truly professional Phoenix moving company works with specialized moving equipment such as hand trucks, furniture and appliance dollies, furniture pads, and mattress bags and carts. High-grade equipment helps ensure all your belongings reach their destination safely. As an added convenience, many larger moving companies can provide you with packing supplies like corrugated boxes and tape if you decide to do the packing yourself.

Just as important, a professional moving company's crew will be well trained in transporting items safely and efficiently. There's more to professional moving than just heavy lifting. Moving crews need to know how to pack boxes properly, move large objects without damaging them, and load a truck to prevent shifting and damage.

Professional Arizona movers are reliable in financial matters, too. For instance, they'll be able to provide you with a binding estimate of the total cost for your move. Without this, you're at risk for having the price raised on you after the move is complete.

GPS is useful, but we've all heard horror stories about how incredibly wrong they can be at times. What's more, maps and GPS don't provide an accurate picture of what driving conditions are really like in a given area. To safely take your belongings from one location to another, a moving crew needs firsthand knowledge of the road and traffic conditions they'll be facing. As an example, an out-of-town moving company's crew may not realize that parts of northern Phoenix are hilly with winding roads. These conditions create an added risk of items shifting in the truck. Local Phoenix movers know this and load their trucks accordingly.

Online review sites give you a chance to check out prior customers' opinions of local Phoenix movers. If you see repeated praise, it's fairly safe to assume the company does a good job overall. Repeated complaints, on the other hand, serve as a warning to stay away. Don't let one or two complaints put you off a company, though. No company can satisfy everyone.

The moving service you choose makes the difference between an easy, stress-free move and a move full of hassles and headaches. Given how important good movers are, it's well worth investing in a reliable, experienced Phoenix moving company.

Last modified: February 6, 2017

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